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Architectural Planning

Architectural Planning

Architecture and design in Dubai

The architectural design process is how a construction project is developed and analyzed in set stages. This process is usually broken down into seven phases to provide order to the project by identifying periods of review, creating a structured release of design information and determining the natural stages of invoicing.

A well-thought out architectural design process is essential to producing a stable and powerful final product. The seven stages of architectural planning are: Concept, Development, Analysis and Design Development (A&D), Construction Scoping, Construction Documents Criteria (CDC), Construction Documents Renderings and Construction Documents Field Check. The final three phases of architectural planning have been shortened to be added as part of this process

The architectural design process helps set a framework for managing a project by identifying periods of review and creating a structured release of design information. This ensures that the construction team doesn’t execute work until changes are approved by the architect.


What Are The 7 Different Types Of Architecture?
  • Residential architecture.
  • Commercial architecture.
  • Landscape architecture.
  • Interior design architecture.
  • Urban design architecture.
  • Green design architecture.
  • Industrial architecture.
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Dubai's current modernist architecture features innovative exposed-glass walls, stepped ascending spirals and designs that offer subtle nods to traditional Arabic motifs

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